Paneles-Solares is based in Andalucía, Spain covering Cadiz and Seville in the west to Almeria in the east and up the coast to Murcia, Valencia and Catalonia with expansion planned to cover all of Spain.

Our online sales provide quality alternative energy products from the most reliable and proven manufactures at the best prices.

Our range includes solar panels, inverters, batteries, regulators, solar well pumps, grid tie inverters, and solar hot water.

Paneles-Solares can provide wiring diagrams for D.I.Y customers or use one of our approved, fully qualified professional electricians for your installation. Installers for your area can be found on the installer page.

We are committed to a renewable energy future, and all of our facilities are powered by solar and wind power, even the power for our web hosting and servers comes from green energy. This lowers our carbon footprint, and we hope to lower yours too.

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For your security we use the highest bit encryption on our site.

Payment can be made with visa or mastercard throughor bank transfer.


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